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2018 Annual Meeting Material

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Ridgeview HOA Annual Meeting Agenda 6Dec2018

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2019 Candidate Profile – Board of Directors

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2017 Annual Meeting Materials

River Park Position Paper 5Nov2017

Ridgeview HOA Annual Meeting Feb. 7, 2017

Members Information Meeting Nov. 1, 2017

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Location: TBD
Description: The Ridgeview HOA Board meets regularly throughout the year, usually on the 1st Tuesday of the month, refer to dates below. Contact the President for the date & time of any meeting you wish to attend.
Start Date: January 2018
End Date: December 2018

What’s New – June 2009

Ridgeview Mowing Alert!

Front SignHenderson County has had bountiful rain for well over a month and the spring growing season has brought forth thigh-high grass & weeds on empty lots in Ridgeview. As a service to owners, we are providing a list of mowers and bush hoggers who are available to maintain your property on a regular basis throughout the summer and fall. Please make these arrangements immediately. It is a violation of the deed restrictions to leave your property unkempt. The Board does not wish to waste the time, paper and postage to send out violation letters and assess fines so we request that owners closely monitor their properties and schedule regular landscape maintenance throughout he year.

The gentlemen below are recommended; they have different methods of determining fees. Some charge by the hour and some charge by the project based on the size and condition of the property. Please call them to get a price. They have been instructed that the grass height is not to exceed 8” and that the property must be maintained all the way to the road. Owners whose lots are full of “wild jungle” underbrush and weeds that have become trees need to clear this out in the 15 ft easement (at a minimum) abutting the road, including on banks and around catch basins. Residents are trying to start new lawns and gardens; stray weeds/seeds from unkempt lots quickly become a nuisance sprouting everywhere. If you have any questions about the maintenance requirements for a particular property, please contact the Board President Susan Kincaid at 891.7147 or email to

Ion Bonea** 828.489.9564 Ion (‘yon’) is a Ridgeview resident who mows the park area.

Kenny Cox 828.697.3934 Kenny does lawn maintenance for several Ridgeview residents

Jonathan Gallimore** 864.706.6108 Jonathan is the son of developer Courtney Gallimore

John Vanderwerf 828.606.9362 John is the son of a Ridgeview resident.

Bob Smith** 828.216.3447 Bob does landscape maintenance of Ridgeview’s common areas.

** Asterisk indicates bush hogging as well as large mowing equipment.