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Get Involved in Your Neighborhood!

Our HOA community was established February 24, 2009.  There are 58 home sites with 35 homes already built and 5 more under construction in 2017.  Although we are not yet fully populated, there are many needs for time and talent to keep Ridgeview running smoothly. Please see below for ways to become involved – a great opportunity to get to know your current and future neighbors!

In accordance with the Ridgeview By-Laws (updated in February 2017), board members are elected at each Annual Meeting of the Homeowner’s Association. Our last Annual Meeting was held December 6, 2017.

Please contact the President to express interest in being nominated to serve on the board or to be appointed to a committee.

Board Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings of the HOA Board are normally held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the home of the President. These are open meetings and owners are encouraged/invited to attend. However, due to limited space the number of observers/attendees maybe limited due to space, please call to reserve a spot in advance. If you wish to observe/attend or make a presentation to the Board, please contact the President one month prior to the meeting, if possible. See minutes of recent board meetings (password protected).

Board  Member Directory (password protected)

Welcome Committee

This committee produces and maintains the neighborhood directory and personally welcomes new residents to the Ridgeview neighborhood. The group creates and publishes a “welcome packet” for new neighbors so that they have pertinent and helpful information necessary to be comfortable and engaged in their new community.

Common Grounds Committee

This committee selects and monitors the work of the HOA’s landscape contractors. The group installs seasonal plantings at the front entrance and is in charge of holiday decorations at the entrance. Additionally, this committee monitors the condition and maintenance of Ridgeview’s permanent hardscape and infrastructure, including the entry gates, fences, lighting, signage and security system.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

This committee works in tandem with the Board of Directors to review all requests of Association members for new construction, home improvements, landscape installations and other modifications and additions to a property as required in the Declaration.  If you have a lot in Ridgeview that you are planning on building on, contact the ARC Chairperson as soon as possible to get the required documents that outline what is needed for your building permit.

Other Committees

As more homes are completed the Board expects to create a Social Committee to plan neighborhood events and a River Park Committee to oversee development of the “river park” common area.

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