Get Involved in Your Neighborhood!

Our HOA community was established February 24, 2009.  There are 58 home sites.  Although we are not yet fully populated, there are many needs for time and talent to keep Ridgeview running smoothly. Please see below for ways to become involved – a great opportunity to get to know your current and future neighbors!

In accordance with the Ridgeview By-Laws (updated in February 2017), board members are elected at each Annual Meeting of the Homeowner’s Association.

Please contact the President to express interest in being nominated to serve on the board or to be appointed to a committee.

Board Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings of the HOA Board are normally held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. These are open meetings and owners are encouraged/invited to attend. However, due to limited space the number of observers/attendees maybe limited due to space, please call to reserve a spot in advance. If you wish to observe/attend or make a presentation to the Board, please contact the President one month prior to the meeting, if possible. See minutes of recent board meetings (password protected).

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee plans and coordinates our Annual Meeting and special events to encourage neighbor connections within the Ridgeview community.


Common Grounds Committee

The Common Grounds Committee is responsible for ensuring that Ridgeview’s common areas are properly maintained.  The committee oversees the work of the landscape contractor who design, plant and maintain the landscape of the common grounds.


Ridgeview Architectural Review Committee (RARC)

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is responsible for assuring that only the best design, architectural and landscaping features are approved in order to protect and enhance overall property values in Ridgeview.   The ARC assures that property owners adhere to the Restrictions, Reservations and Conditions (RRC’s) and the Rules and Regulations of Ridgeview on all projects involving construction and property improvements.


Capital Fund Task Force

The Capital Fund Task Force is a long-range planning group that works on behalf of the Board of Directors to research and propose future uses of reserve funds once the road replacement fund is secured.

River Park Development Committee

The River Park Development Committee is a short-term planning group with the responsibility of providing enhancement recommendations and guiding development of approximately 10 acres owned by the neighborhood adjacent to the French Broad River.


Other Committees

As more homes are completed the Board expects to create other interest groups as needed.